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The Journey
Where it all comes from...where I am going...

Welcome to my
Welcome to my "The Journey...Where it comes from...where I am going" page. My work is very connected with what I do, see and experience and here I will share that connection so to help you understand my work in a renewed light. What I will do here is continue a informal dialogue using not only my words but photos I take on this Journey! ! I hope you enjoy it!


I am pleased to  ann I am pleased to announce that I was awarded 4 Honorable Mention Awards in the International Photo Awards Contest this year! Each year Photographers from all over the world, up to 20,000 entries come together to compete in this competition. Three of these photos are from Past travels and one is from my Fashion Art work with Models. Enjoy!

The first is called "Running back Home" taken in North Dakota of my Son Owen during a spring break trip to Montana with Chris age 14 and Owne 12.

"Peace" Young Cuban Boys going to school via horse cart in Baracoa on the far NE corner of the Island. This shot was "one of those moments" that all photographers know about. It is one of those shots the Gods just serves up on a silver Platter and poof there it is. Of Course YOU have to be ready!!
IPA Award winner IPA Award winner "Cuban Love Havana on the Mal

econ "

"Sarah" IPA Award winner. Studio Work
My Dad, Carl,  could My Dad, Carl, could make anything out of nothing and did. He was the begining. I owe him allot! I miss him...
My boys , Owen Olaf 8, Chris Carl age 10 and Tess 12 on a warm magical July evening on Lake Superior somwhere near Spar Island Ontario.
My boys , Owen Olaf
Midnight sun at the Midnight sun at the Ancient Mounds where I slept on a large stone alter as ancient ghosts whispered to the night, actually 2:30 Am in Uppsalla that light that we long for every summer which lasts only moments, here in the Nordic North it lasts for hours!
Road to Hotspring Oasis, 30 miles of dry lake bed meandering to the hotspring...very interesting,no traffic and warm beer
Road to Hotspring Oa
My Cousin David Ludvigsson at Ancient Menhir (standing stone) Legend has it that an angry Pagan God threw this spear of a stone from afar because of a Christian church that was being built in the area. Of course this stone was heft in place I believe a long time prior to Christianity! Do not hold me to my Swedish history! David...?
My Cousin David Ludv
      Stream coming
Stream coming down into the sea, Lofoton Islands, Northern Norway

In the spring of 1999 I was awarded a McKnight Fellowship along with a Jerome foundation Travel Grant. With that grant I traveled to Scandinavia, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Estonia. I visited relatives, traveled to Homelands near the Arctic Circle and studied pre-Christian monuments and stone works including standing stones, menhirs, circles, portal graves,Hill Forts, ship graves, mounds and Burial Pyres. The purpose of this study was to connect the relationship with my ancient Nordic past with my work that was evolving in a very ancient and Mystrious style. I found that this connection was much more of a reality than I ever amagined! Her eyou will find some of those images.

                    Stephan Hoglund: Curators Statement

"In Reverence to the Old Ones: THE PINES"

a tribute to Walter Bresette

The Anishinabe called them "the Grandfathers, The Old Ones, The Pines. They believed that they were living spirits and when we look at this show it is evident that we do also.

It was not until my new friend Walter Bresette spoke of them in this way that I realized the importance of this tree and this project. Walter said "they were the heart and soul of the Anishinabe and when the whitepine was decimated, so was the spirit of the people". I believe it has affected all peoples as well as native. In the beginning the trees were cut and the impact was not first noticed but I believe at some point people started feeling the wrong. Even the workers in the forest felt it. It is hard to stop a freight train loaded with gold. I do not put all the blame on these men who were working hard to eke out a existence in a strange, new and seemingly endless wilderness.

Now we see the few scattered trees and groves and we are in awe of the power and beauty but we also feel the pain of their great absence.

As Walter said " we the Anishinabe community must grieve the loss of the Grandfathers and heal.

I believe that I of European decent must also grieve and help rebuild the destruction caused by my ancestors. My grandfather worked the forest and worked the mills of the Virginia Rainey Lake Company. He did not get rich. Not many did.

Walter Bresette was to be the keynote speaker at this show opening. Unfortunately he passed on to the other side this winter. I believe his spirit is present here today. I could not have done it without him. Walters passing was a great loss to the Lake Superior Anishinabe and whole regional community. He brought people together to peacefully stop the social, racial and environmental madness that we face everywhere today. It was at this time after his passing that I decided to dedicate this exhibit in honor of Walter. What better way to nurture this healing then to plant native white pine from the very seeds that survived the glacial period thousands of years ago. Not only will we plant these seeds, but they will become a symbol of growth and healing for this land and all its people.

My Mother Lorraine Hoglund also passed on just weeks ago. At her funeral, the priest began the homily by quoting from one of his favorite books. He said " Life is difficult" and the sooner we realize this the easier it will become. He said my Mother overcame great odds and many years of illness to embrace life and squeeze all of its nectar to the very end. When she took her last breath in the arms of her children, we understood. Life is hard, but so much sweeter when we overcome the challenges and create beauty despite adversity.

I also dedicate this exhibit to my Mother.

The white Pine Project will be difficult. We will need people to volunteer the nurturing elements of regeneration. We will need money, but most important we will need the whole community to embrace it as a lifelong work. Just maybe, seven generations down life's path, our children?s children will sit among the Grandfathers the pines and know the commitment we begin today.

The Exhibit

From the soaring, lush and growing spirit of Heidi Sobanja's " A Lust for Life " to Carl Erickson's immaculately crafted " White Pine Memory Cache Jar " with its painfully intimate content from the very spot he introduced his children to the sacredness of the pines it is evident that this is not just a pretty theme exhibit . From Marge Alexanders extremely powerful installation works that have been exhibited nationally to comment on the devastation of the "clearcut" and the unnecessary use of wood fiber for the production of paper to Meadow Adams sweet little tree portrait we celebrate the Old Ones. From the monumental "Master of Ceremonies" by the ever comedic artist and titlist Liz Sivertson ( this title is both serious, humorous and to the point ) to the finely crafted, poetic ceramic work of Elizabeth and Gregg Rutter, this exhibit speaks for itself. I would not have needed to say anthing about it for without comment it would be permanently fixed in the artistic history of this place called North. I am extremely proud of this show and proud of the people who responded with so much soul. I am also honored that so many put so much faith in me to be the one to bring it to fruitation. Thank You!

I accepted every piece that was entered from the 5 year old child to the internationally exhibited grandmother. The spirit of the project was soon apparent, and I could not turn anyone away. When it was all said and done I would not have had to!

In closing I must thank some of the people who made this show possible and who without their help the show would not have opened. First I must thank Megan Heikes, my dear wife who is also a talented artist who has devoted the last five years to taking care of her three children Christopher, Owen and Stephan. To Musa who has been there thru the whole installation process, working tirelessly 'til two, three in the morning for days, without him I could not have handled this monumental task. To Tom , Nancy, Doug and Peggy who did the brain work for the show. To Stephen Holz who came thru like an angel to produce many, many frames for artists that did not have the means for doing such at the last minute. To Coho Cafe for the celebration food. To Billy Blackwell for the moving traditional Anishinabe Pipe Ceremony blessing at the opening of the show. Migwitch Billy! And to Sawbill outfitters, Angry Trout Cafe, Sivertson Gallery, Lake Superior Trading Post, Hungry Jack Outfitters, White Pine North and Grand Marais State Bank for their generous cash donations for the award winners. And as they say in the Oscars the many people too numerous to mention thank you for your Moral, Spiritual and Physical support. And to THE ARTISTS, WOW you have made my dream come true, I HONOUR your Artistic spirit and invite you to the next "IN REVERENCE TO THE OLD ONES: THE PINES". Thank you

*** this exhibit will move to the Stephan Hoglund Studio/Tom McCaan gallery and the Fireweed Common (next door to this gallery) after june 13 it also will be online at also join the White Pine Society at this website also!!Thanks


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