I S L E   R O Y A L E  G R E E N S T O N E  W E D D I N G  R I N G  WITH  D I A M O N D S  IN  18 K G O L D

   I S L E   R O Y A L E  G R E E N S T O N E  W E D D I N G  R I N G  WITH  D I A M O N D S  IN  18 K G O L D

The Anishinaabe(g)(ojibwe) did not speak of them in story, teaching or history. Isle Royal Greenstone or Chlorastrolite is magical and my favorite gemstone! I feel honored and blessed to be able to work with it!

The Anishinaabe whom know Isle Royale as Minong (a good place) or as Manidoo-Minis (Spirit Island) and have lived on Isle Royale, hunted, fished and mined its copper for thousands of years prior to the arrival of Europeans. I personally have never heard them speak of the stones in their stories. I have pondered this for years and believe that they may have felt it too sacred to even speak of because of its mysterious beauty. Just to be sure to pay it proper respect, I honour the stone with tobacco for its spirit, as I was told to do so by Anishinaabe Elder friends. The stones of Lake Superior are very powerful just like its waters and I respect them both and try to honor their power by treating them with special care and giving them the respect they deserve. I hope you will agree that my designs & settings do indeed honor them.

Isle Royal Greenstone/Chlorastrolite is truly a "Green Environmentally Noble Product" being that it has been harvested without mining as it was found right on the beach in the pebbles along Lake Superiors waterline! 

Chlorastrolite or "Isle Royale Greenstone" as the old fisherman and islanders called it, is arguably one the rarest gemstones in the world. It is also one of the most beautiful and
mysterious gemstones found in the United States. Found on the pebble beaches of Isle Royale National Park just off the coast of Northern Minnesota on Lake Superior. It is
now protected by the National Park Service.  The gem unique to the island, became valuable and rare, and people began trying to fruitlessly hammer it out of the bedrock destroying the natural beauty of the Islands shoreline. Only the powers of the waters of Lake Superior can release it from the basalt mother-stone!

I began collecting and aquiring old collections many decades prior to the legislation prohibiting the collecting of the gems. (Previously the high waterline was under the jurisdiction of the State off Michigan not the National Park Service or federal government.)  All of my stones are Isle Royale stones, not to be confused with the pretty but much lower quality mine dump specimens found on the upper peninsula of Michigan. Those will be identified by a grainy porous surface that is dull and nearly always highly flawed and black. While it is from the same copper vein running under the lake, the big difference seems to come from the fact that Isle Royale is seemingly one of the only places where copper was found right on the surface of the earth creating flawless and more stunning gems that are born in bedrock under water protected form the freezing and thawing of the bedrock. The specimens found in Michigan are from deep with in the earth where they have been subject to freezing and thaw as well as seep oxidation and weathering. 

My collection is extensive and I craft many one of a kind Art Jewelry creations as well as commisions for my customers. Ask for a consultation and a showing of stones so we can work together on a trueLake Superior Region American Beauty!

Thank You! Stephan Hoglund